[PR] Kaspersky Lab Survey: Careful Sharing Your Device, Important Data Can Be Lost Or Stolen!

According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab with B2B International, 32% of respondents who share Internet-connected devices with their family, colleagues or friends do not take precautions to protect the information contained in their devices. They do not see a big risk associated with sharing this device as it can significantly increase the chances of data stored on lost or stolen devices. In fact, the more people use the device, the more likely it is that one of them makes a mistake and falls in the trick of the cyber criminals.

Currently, owners of computers, phones or tablets are not the only people using the device to access the Internet – one in three respondents reported sharing devices. 28% of respondents share the device with other adults in their homes, 5% give it to their children, while 1% even allows colleagues and other acquaintances to use their device. Note that this applies to the most frequently used devices for accessing the Internet, which means they are most likely to store valuable data, such as account logins and passwords.

Leaving a shared device in the absence of security is very dangerous – no one is entirely sure that other users are aware of cyber threats: less experienced users may be consumed by scammers or download harmful EXE files. At the same time, 32% of respondents who share their computers, phones and tablets with others do not take security measures, because they ‘see no risk whatsoever’. Only 33% of users made backup copies of important data before giving the device to others, 32% of respondents created a password protector against their data and 22% of respondents tried not to store important information in the device.

“Sharing a computer or smartphone may increase the risk of malware infection, data loss or account theft, so it’s important to take precautions: always keep a backup copy of important files; delete information that should not fall into the wrong hands, especially by disabling the autofill form; try to control user access on the device and – most importantly – use programs that provide protection against cyber threats, “advises Elena Kharchenko, Head of Consumer Product Management, KasperskyLab.

Kaspersky Lab offers solutions designed agen sbobet to provide internet security on android devices, such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac. Both of these products can keep less experienced users from visiting potentially harmful sites, downloading malicious software and many other threats.

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